Lewes Council Tenancy Agreement

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The creative community of Lewes received a huge boost today (February 10, 2020), with the firm councils planning $250,000 for the development of a co-work centre in the city. As a general rule, we will not make accommodation offers to transfer applicants in rent arrears or in violation of any other aspect of their lease. It is also subject to a satisfactory inspection of your assembly, which should ensure that you have retained it and that no unauthorized changes have taken place. If your application is rejected, you will be informed in writing of the reasons within 15 working days. The right to sell allows secure council tenants to purchase their home at a reduced price or market value, depending on the length of their tenancy. For more information on the «right to buy,» contact the Council for your area or visit its website: Existing tenants can exchange houses and leases with another tenant of another council or a social landlord, depending on the type of rent each party holds. Permission from both donors is required and a decision is made within 42 days of receiving the full applications. An inspection of the accommodation is also required. For the latest information from Lewes District Council on Convirous, please go here www.lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk/community/covid-19/ It is sometimes possible to award a lease agreement from one party to another, usually if a tenant wishes to transfer his share of a common lease to the other party and leave it as an exclusive tenant. This can only happen once and counts as a succession of the lease. You should inform us as soon as possible of the tenant`s death. We would be happy to advise you if anyone residing in the property has an inheritance tax to stay in the property. We can also talk to you through the lease termination process, which will be different depending on who you are in contact with the deceased.

Please note that the housing allowance ends on the Sunday following the death of a tenant, so please contact us as soon as possible. If you have rent arrears, contact us at the end of your lease to reach an agreement to correct arrears on your account.

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