Hong Leong Bank Facility Agreement

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Banks are also participating in the six-month automatic moratorium on loans and repayments of capital and interest for all small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and individual customers from 1 April 2020. In addition, the Bank will continue to support SMEs through BNM`s Special Assistance Facility, which provides SMEs with financing of up to .RM 1 million excluding guarantees and a loan of up to 5.5 years at a limited financing rate of 3.75%. Please fill in the fields marked with «✓» in Part 1 of the form and return the ORIGINAL form to us. The processing time is approximately 2 months, from the application to the approval of your bank. No, a change in the term of the loan or the interest rate is not allowed after the entry into force of the lease agreement. It really depends on the nature of the car and its current condition. Hong Leong can finance up to 90% of the seller`s invoice with a refund of up to 108 months. You can use this possibility to buy all types of new and used vehicles; including more obsolete. Please write a letter of termination and sign by signature on the rental agreement. Then scan the letter and email it to hploanadmin@hlf.com.sg or send it to 6323 3271. Not only that, if you`re super forgetful, the bank could take back your car if it was found that you`ve taken your payments late for two consecutive months. So stay informed about your credit bills! Please respect your rental agreement for the due date of your payment. Where the application has the effect of extending the loan period beyond the maximum term of seven years, the application is generally not accepted.

Otherwise, you are required to register with our counterparty`s request and pay the required administrative fee/differential interest. Interbank Giro (to be agreed) – Please send the ORIGINAL Giro application form to Hong Leong Finance and the processing time is approximately 2 months – from the application to the approval of your bank. Please therefore continue to pay us directly until we inform you in writing of the beginning of the deduction from the giron A lease purchase facility that will allow you to partially finance your dream car. Once the full refund is made, Hong Leong transfers title to the vehicle to you. Get a revolving credit facility with blocking from HL Bank. Facilitate your cash flow by unlocking the value of your leases. Specially suitable for car dealers, it will help in the following way: Hong Leong Bank offers 2 types of interest rate: fixed or variable interest rate (with a margin higher than the bank`s base rate and no more than 17%) to choose under this lease purchase facility. You can make the request by sending us an e-mail to hploanadmin@hlf.com.sg and indicating your rental agreement number. After receiving your Giro registration form, we will send you an acknowledgment of receipt. After approval from your banker, you will receive another letter informing you of the start date of your withdrawal from the giron.

It is recommended to continue waiting for the monthly payment before receiving the second letter….

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