Goldboro Lng Collective Agreement

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Petrolia enters into a commercial combination with Pieridae Energy Limited, Canada`s first integrated LNG company, Quebec, on May 15, 2017: Petrolia Inc. PEA-TSVX («Petrolia» or «company») announces a final agreement of May 15, 2017 (the «agreement») with Pieridae Energy […] Calgary, Alberta-based Pieridae Energy Ltd. on September 29 said it had signed a service agreement with U.S. engineering firm Bechtel Corp. for the construction of the proposed LNG plant in Goldboro, Nova Scotia. The employment agency must approve the agreement and Pieridae Energy said it will ask CLRA for the employment agency to declare the agreement as a project agreement and declare the project agreement for the existing Goldboro project. The Goldboro LNG project remains solid with many key elements: the majority of major approvals, a 20-year contract with the German energy company Uniper Global Commodities for the purchase of half of Goldboro gas, confirmation of the eligibility in principle of a $4.5 billion unsecured loan guarantee by the German government, a performance contract signed with Scot Novaia Mi`kmaq, and Pieridae has most of the gas needed to supply Goldboro`s Train. The agreement was reached after Pieridae announced on July 13 that it had received a written notification from KBR Inc. that the company was no longer willing to negotiate and enter into a turnkey EPCC contract for the LNG installation project. The integrated oil and gas company said it had begun discussions with other engineering firms. The agreement was reached in October last year with the ratification and signature on May 3 of the Nova Scotia Labor Relations Association (CLRA) and 85% of the construction trades expected to be involved in the construction of the project.

The agreement provides Pieridae with greater cost security for the construction phase and reduces the overall risk to Pieridae when planning the final construction of the Goldboro LNG facility. CALGARY — The co-construction of the Goldboro LNG export plant project in Nova Scotia is withdrawing from an agreement to honor a fixed-price contract for the position, developer Pieridae Energy Ltd. said Monday. NOVA SCOTIA, May 5, 2017 /CNW/ – Pieridae Energy Limited («Pieridae» or the «Company») today announced Goldboro LNG`s Special Needs Collective Agreement project. In accordance with the requirements of the Construction Projects Labour Relations Act, the agreement was concluded on October 10, 2016 and ratified and signed on May 3, 2017 by the Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association (CLRA) and 85% of the construction professionals expected to participate in the construction of the project. The agreement must be submitted to the Labour Council for final approval. In the near future, Pieridae and CLRA will request that the employment agency declare the agreement as a project agreement and that the project agreement for the Goldboro LNG project be in force.

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