Eu China Investment Agreement

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The EU rightly refers to the agreement of the first phase, because financial service providers in the EU and the United States have the same complaints about access to the Chinese financial market. What is embarrassing is that the concessions between China and the United States are reciprocal, which means that they will not extend to the EU or other third parties. This is good news, but if the EU`s investment policy takes the promotion of sustainable development seriously, it must ensure that these provisions have an animal welfare dimension. Summary: Since January 2014, China and the European Union (EU) have been negotiating a bilateral comprehensive investment agreement. Unlike the NEGOTIATIONs between the EU and the US on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the ongoing negotiations between China and the EU have so far received little public attention. Nevertheless, the success of these negotiations could be of great importance, even beyond the investment relations between the EU and China. This applies in at least two cases. First, a successful bilateral investment agreement could pave the way for a future free trade agreement between the EU and China. Second, beyond bilateral relations, eu-China negotiations could make an important contribution to the creation of a more liberal global investment framework. At present, China is also negotiating an investment agreement with the United States that is likely to take a similar form to that between China and the EU. In addition, provisions for the future liberalization of bilateral investment flows are also an important element of the TTIP negotiations between the United States and Europe.

Rules and provisions, such as .B market access, prohibition of performance requirements or transparency with respect to state-owned enterprises that are part of these three agreements, are «de facto brought to a global standard» (Berger 2014). In this context, Kiel`s current policy letter analyses the main obstacles currently faced by EU and EU investors in the EU and China, and provides a brief assessment of how these key obstacles can be contained in the EU-China Comprehensive Investment Agreement, which is currently under negotiation.

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