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A blow to the parties occurs when an exchange of benefits takes place between the parties (for example. B a repair for repairing a thing if the owner pays for repair of the repair). A common example of the derailment is that you leave your car with a valet. However, the exit of a car in an unattended car park is usually a lease or a license for a car park and not an intrusion, because the garage does not take possession of the car (i.e. can exercise or control the domination). However, in many other situations, bonds are created, including terminated leases, inventory (including stocks-it-yourself) or freight transportation. The agreement between the owner and the distributor is referred to as «leasement.» A derailment occurs when a person (the bailee) is voluntarily in possession of property belonging to another person (the Bailor). By taking back the goods, the bailee assumes responsibility for the preservation of the goods. The terms of the action can be agreed between the Bailor and the Bailee, but if there is no agreement, then the conditions are provided by law. A cellist by profession had just retired and had to recognize some of the value that was kept in her three cellos. She donated one of them to a famous music store specializing in classical instruments, and they promised to promote its availability to its clientele and ensure a sale. No money went into the hands, but there was a verbal agreement that the store owner would receive a commission in the event of a successful sale. Three weeks later, the store was burglarized and a number of items were stolen, including the cello.

The courts found that the Board meant that the merchant was a «reward bailee» and that his failure to adequately secure his premises constituted a lack of due diligence. The trader`s liability policy increased in his defence and paid all the costs of the trial, plus the full amount for which he was responsible. 1. A derailment is an agreement by which the owner of property (the Bailor) allows the goods to be in the possession of another person (bailee). For example, if the owner of a yacht delivers it to a boat builder for repairs, the owner has done so to the boat builder who is the leaseee. Bailment differs from a sales contract or a property donation, since it is only a transfer of ownership and not of its property.

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