Wcvm Interprovincial Agreement

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Alberta announced three years ago that it would not renew the funding agreement in 2020 to support the University of Calgary`s veterinary program, which is expanding its own program by an additional 20 students per year. «Saskatchewan, Colombia.C and Manitoba continue to fund the college in exactly the same way, which we are extremely grateful for because it means we are bound by a stable funding agreement for five years. It is very important for us to be able to plan the development of our educational program and meet our accreditation standards,» said Chris Clark, Associate Dean of Academic at WCVM. The University of Saskatchewan College is a regional veterinary school funded by the four western provinces since its inception in 1963 and filled with provincial enrolment quotas. Alberta withdrew from the WCVM Interprovincial Agreement in 2017 to direct its $8 million contribution to a new veterinary school at the University of Calgary. This left the college with a significant funding gap and about 25 places in its Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program, which was previously reserved for Alberta students and funded by that province. Alannah Friedlund, president of the Western Canadian Veterinary Students` Association, said the financial stability provided by the agreement will allow many more students to receive the education they need. Three provincial governments today announced a renewed financial commitment to the University of Saskatchewan`s Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM). The agreement between the governments of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and the University of Saskatchewan provides more than $134 million for the WCVM over the next five years. The agreement contributes to Western Canada`s steady supply of veterinarians with in-depth knowledge of animal and public health, as well as knowledge of the standards and issues faced by livestock, poultry and fishery producers. «Ensuring that education opportunities meet labour market expectations is a priority of our government`s growth plan,» said Saskatchewan Advanced Education Minister Tina Beaudry-Mellor. «This agreement allows Saskatchewan and our partner provinces to communicate admission priorities to meet the labour market needs of each province.

«The Manitoba government is pleased to renew its commitment to veterinary education and to continue its long-standing partnership that provides high-quality education and training opportunities for Manitobans and helps meet labour market demand across the province,» said Ralph Eichler, Manitoba Minister of Economic Development and Education. «This is an important investment in Manitoba`s agricultural sector, aligned with the needs of the Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy.

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