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12.3 Full agreement and ranking. This agreement is the entire agreement between SalesTrip and the Customer regarding the use of services and content by the Customer and replaces all prior and simultaneous agreements, proposals or assurances, written or orally, concerning its purpose. The parties agree that any in-oder condition indicated in a customer order or in other customer order documents (except order forms) is invalid. In case of conflict or contradictions between the following documents, the hierarchy is as follows: (1) the applicable order form, (2) this agreement and (3) documentation. The titles and titles of the sections of this Agreement are simple and do not affect the establishment of a provision in this Agreement. 11.2 Duration of acquired subscriptions. The duration of each subscription is shown in the corresponding order form. Unless otherwise stated in an order form, subscriptions are automatically renewed for additional periods corresponding to the validity of the subscription or one year (depending on a shorter year), unless one of the parties announces non-renewal at least 30 days before the expiry of the subscription period. Unit prices during an extension period are increased by up to 7% over previous period prices, unless SalesTrip informs the customer of price differences at least 60 days prior to the current extension period.

Unless expressly stated in the corresponding order form, advertising or unique subscriptions are renewed at SalesTrip`s current list price, which applies at the time of the current extension. Notwithstanding the opposite, any extension that has seen the volume of subscriptions for services decrease compared to the previous duration results in a new pricing without taking into account the unit prices of the previous duration. 5.1. The customer pays all fees charged to Denorsen. Unless otherwise stated in this form or in a purchase order, i) the fees are based on the services and content purchased and not on the actual use; (ii) payment obligations are not cancellable and fees paid are non-refundable and (iii) the quantities purchased cannot be reduced during the duration of the subscription. What if you decide to invest in another way? Here are some pros and cons to invest, but not with subscription agreements. 9.1 Compensation by SalesTrip. SalesTrip will defend the customer against any claim, claim, action or proceeding filed by a third party against the customer who claims that a purchased service has violated or misappropriated the intellectual property rights of these third parties (a «right against the customer»), and will exempt the client from any damage, legal fees and fees paid to the client as a result or for amounts that the client has accepted in connection with a transaction authorized by the client in writing.

, to the agreement. , a claim against the Customer, provided that the Customer (a) SalesTrip immediately informs in writing of the claim against the customer, (b) SalesTrip gives exclusive control of the defence and settlement of the claim against the Customer (except that SalesTrip cannot settle claims against the Customer, unless it unconditionally relieves the Customer of any liability) and (c) SalesTrip at the expense of SalesTrip.

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