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Adobe makes reasonable efforts to confirm receipt of the service request within the targeted response time. Adobe makes economically reasonable efforts to diagnose and remedy the problem, which could take the form of eliminating the lack, updating, or demonstrating how to avoid the effects of the error with economically reasonable effort. Despite Adobe`s reasonable efforts, not all issues may be resolved. The processing time begins from the date and time that Adobe`s after-sales support team confirms receipt of the service request. If the service request cannot be resolved within an economically reasonable time, the service request may escalate within the Adobe Customer Care organization. The customer`s designated technical contact person must be available to work with Adobe customer service, while Adobe resolves the service request. The problem causes normal severe business interruptions or the problem has a negative impact on setting up a company-wide production system. In a production system, it is not possible to perform important tasks, but the error does not affect essential operations. Transformation may continue to be limited. Data integrity can be compromised. In a development system, the problem hinders the availability. The service request requires timely processing, as the malfunction can cause serious interruptions to critical processes or impact the business day.

Adobe Livecycle Support works with customers to ensure that the reported technical issue is properly prioritized. At Adobe, we base our response times and the actions we take to resolve your issue on an assessment of the impact of the reported technical issue on your business. The more serious the trade effects, the higher the priority assigned. Accurate prioritization of your technical problem is critical to our shared success. Parties generally believe that the customer determines the priority of the service request, and if a request is presented as a high priority issue, a particular contact person is available with the Adobe LiveCycle support team while we resolve your issue. The following guidelines will help you determine the appropriate priority level. Situations of identical problems in test systems generally justify a lower priority than the equivalent priority of a production system. While Adobe generally makes extensions for support available to its customers, Adobe will provide the customer with a renewal notification before the current term for support services expires, so that customer can order an additional one year for support.

If the customer wants an extension, Adobe charges the customer for the extension period. If the customer allows their support services to expire on their perpetual license for the pending software, additional fees may be charged to cover the time elapsed before the help services are recovered….

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