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The law requires a licensee to provide the owner, at the time of registration of a listing of real estate, with a copy of a summary of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination N.J.S.A. 10:5-1 and following, commonly known as the Attorney General`s Brief. The purpose of the memorandum is to help homeowners and licensees comply with New Jersey`s anti-discrimination law and federal laws that prohibit discrimination in the sale or rental of real estate. The New Jersey sales contract records the essential aspects of a sale of residential real estate, for example. B the amount the buyer is willing to pay for the house, the amount of serious money held in trust, the personal property that remains in the country and any other eventuality that the buyer or seller wishes to introduce. The initial offer is usually offered by the buyer in the form of this document. If the owner agrees to the terms presented, he can sign the contract in order to obtain a binding sales contract. The owner may also reject the proposal and come back with a counter-offer that charges a higher purchase price or contains an additional provision that he needs to continue. Seller`s Property Disclosure Statement (Form 140) – New Jersey is considered a «caveat emptor» state, meaning it is the buyer`s responsibility to inspect the property before purchasing it. The above linked form may not be legally required, but most buyers will require it to be executed before entering into some kind of binding agreement.

It allows the seller to transcribe data on the general condition of the house and all existing defects (of which the owner is aware). In addition, this form should not be a substitute for a property check carried out by a licensed professional. Off-site conditions (No. 46:3C-8) – Only for the sale of a newly built apartment, the seller of a property is required to send the buyer a written message announcing how to search for off-site conditions nearby that could affect the value of the property. To do this, the seller must indicate the municipality, address and telephone number of the office where the records can be accessed. (The required explanation can be found in section 14 of the title form. I`ve been watching BP threads for a few months and I`m having a hard time understanding how I can use the NJ Purchase – Sale contract in a wholesale environment. Lead Based Paint Disclosure – If a home was built before 1978, the buyer must give the buyer a disclosure revealing the possible use of lead paint in the residence. Radon (No.

26:2D-73) – Although the radon test results of a property may normally remain confidential, the seller of a gas-controlled home must provide all documents to the potential buyer before entering into a transportation agreement. Residential sales contracts generally contain promises and provisions that guarantee the condition of a property. In some states, sellers are required to provide additional documentation to ensure the status of the accommodation. While other states require the seller to reveal a certain type of problem on the ground, such as. B a material error. In New Jersey, in addition to the sales contract, you must complete the following documents: Point-of-Entry Treatment (POET) Systems (no. 7:1J-2.5) – If the New Jersey Spill Compensation Fund has paid for the installation and operation of a POET system for the property sold, the seller is required to inform the buyer that the system is no longer funded when the house is handed over and to submit a written notification to the Ministry of Environment and Energy within 30 ( 30) days after a compulsory sales contract has been concluded.

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