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Hashtag #istanbulconventionsaveslives & selfies in black and white are posted to protest against the Threats of the Turkish government, withdraw from the European Treaty on the Protection of Women and in solidarity with the victims of murders, often reported in Turkish @sophiedaviesed The murder of Pinar Gultekin helped spark a movement in support of the Convention, which translates online under the hashtag #istanbulconventionsaveslives was brought. The gap in government circles widened when the women`s branch of the Justice and Development Party filed a criminal complaint against an Islamist columnist who, through sexual denigration, referred to female members supporting the agreement. «There is a small majority (within the party) that argues that it is right to withdraw,» said the official, who argued, however, that abandoning the agreement when violence against women had increased would send the wrong signals. The final decision on the fate of the Istanbul Convention in Turkey is expected to be taken on August 18, at the meeting of the Central Bureau of the Justice and Development Party (JUSTICE AND DEVELOPMENT PARTY), held by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after the national debate on the need for the agreement. Feride Acar, a professor at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, who played a central role in shaping the deal, said: «I am very angry and disappointed that the attitude of the Turkish government is changing.» She stated that when Mr. Erdogan first came to national power in 2003, his party had a much broader support base and his policies were Oriented towards the West. Mor Cati, a leading Turkish NGO committed to preventing and documenting domestic violence, argues that any attempt by the government to withdraw from the treaty could face a legal challenge. «According to the Turkish Constitution, international human rights agreements are above domestic laws,» Meline Cilingir, a lawyer for Mor Cati, said in an interview with Middle East Eye. «If Parliament tries to topple the Convention, women`s rights organizations will try to bring it before the Constitutional Court to demand its repeal,» she added. It has been almost a decade since European leaders met in Istanbul to sign a treaty to combat domestic violence, an agreement then seen as a remarkable step forward for women`s rights. KADEM and other ACP women reject such claims. «The Istanbul Convention was the first international agreement to protect women from any type of violence within a legal framework,» KADEM said in a statement, rejecting allegations that the convention promotes LGBTI issues and is one of the reasons for the high number of divorces. The number of women killed in Turkey is increasing year by year and wider abuses have also increased, which has recently been compounded by coronavirus lockdowns.

Nevertheless, the Turkish government is considering withdrawing from the agreement negotiated by the Council of Europe, a human rights and rule of law organisation with 47 member states, including many European Union countries, as well as Russia and Turkey. «We are the best opposition, which is why the government wants to control us,» says feminist lawyer Canan Arın. As part of our series on #DefendingHumanRights in #Turkey, we share his story 👉özleşmesiYaşat ır#IstanbulConventionSavesLives Recently, the Polish government hinted that it was also considering withdrawing. . . .

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