Directors Service Agreements

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Because your administrators have privileged access to your confidential information, intellectual property, customer lists, and technical information, you also need to ensure that this information is protected. Perhaps you would also like to make sure that if a manager leaves your company, their ability to work for a competitor is limited at least for a certain period of time. Managers` employment contracts are generally referred to as employment contracts. At MBM Commercial, our team of experienced labour lawyers and human resources advisors work with you to ensure that your manager`s service contract is fully developed and addresses the most important issues related to the position and the duties and responsibilities associated with it. Our team of experienced lawyers and human resources advisors is on hand to provide clear and practical advice on every aspect of these service contracts. We can design a tailor-made agreement to meet your specific needs, highlight the impact of important aspects of an agreement, and negotiate the terms of a service contract with the other party on your behalf. At MBM Commercial, we offer a comprehensive legal service to ensure that your interests are protected and safeguarded. In the absence of clear documentation of how to deal with such situations, it can be very difficult to separate these different roles if the relationship between the director and the company or between two directors collapses. Whether you are introducing or defending a legal right, subcontracting work, wanting a review of the business contract to avoid disagreement, talking to an experienced brand attorney, resolving a contractual dispute with methods such as mediation and arbitration, or putting your new business on the right track with a strong shareholders` agreement and GDPR standards, We can help you succeed. Our corporate and corporate governance lawyers can help you draft and review your director`s service contracts. Tell us about your situation by calling 0800 689 1700 or by filling out this contact form. We strive to respond to all messages received within 24 hours.

At MBM Commercial, our team of experienced employment lawyers advises on the most appropriate and important provisions to be included in your manager`s service contract and offers a contract that is fully tailored to your particular circumstances. . . .

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