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The Ministry of Health and Human Services, a positive drug test (or any other confirmation of a single act of drug use) is not sufficient to substantiate allegations of child abuse or to determine the accommodation of children. However, since security plans are not legal documents, local services have a margin of appreciation for the application of these standards as long as the parents give their consent and sign the plan. It is up to the section to know what happens when a family violates an agreement, but the possibility involves appearing with a police officer and a court injunction to remove the child. *In the past, courts have not rejected addictions after the appointment of a legal guardian. CPS continued to provide services. That has changed. The courts can only continue the existing dependency schemes or, on request, put them under guardianship and revoke their dependency. Generally speaking, at the beginning of an investigation or if you have a FAR agreement, you can treat the CPS officials yourself. If CPS or the court is hosting the children or if an official files an addiction proceeding, look for a lawyer.

See «What rights do I have in a dependency action» below…

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