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7. Signature of the contract: if the employer has agreed to hire the employee and has processed his entry visa for work, the worker can sign the contract upon arrival in Qatar. However, if he refused to sign the contract, he would be forced to return home, the e-government will also save time and effort from workers who previously went face to face to the labor department or who sought the help of their organization delegates to obtain a duplicate of their activity contract if they needed it. On the date on which he signed the new (initial) employment contract, the date of his contract is counted. Existing employees will not have to sign a new contract after the implementation of the new law. All types of contracts begin with the date of application of the new law, regardless of the number of years the employee has served in the company, but this does not mean that previous years of service will not be counted. Hello, I have a question. I spent two years in my company. Although I did not sign a contract during my membership, my company also did not request or enter into a contract.

Now I plan to change jobs on my QID, my diplomas are certified by mofa. I heard that I also had to file the employment contract with the Ministry of Labour. Please tell me, if my company makes a contract for me now and I have changed jobs, can I change my sponsorship after, say after 2-4 months, if I receive another offer? I hope you will understand my point and see me again. Anyone planning to work in Qatar should ask for a copy of the contract before travelling to the country. There are different types of contracts; Fixed-term contracts and contracts of indefinite duration. People on fixed-term contracts do not need their employer`s agreement to change jobs after their contract has been concluded. Source: Qatar Day URL: For some people, the data was not accessible because the agreements were declared not accessible. This may be due to the fact that the new contract has not been updated by the Organization or has not yet been transmitted to the Service. Information on the authentication of employment contracts and certificates 5.

Duration of the contract: the date on which he signed the new employment contract is the date of his contract. The duration of the employment contract is 2 years. After 10 months of compilation, when he/she terminates the contract and leaves the country. He/she will be blocked for the next 14 months. All employers should provide foreign workers with an employment contract or a formal letter of agreement stating a number of details. While testing the framework, The Peninsula found that the duplicate business contract was verified and entered into the Framework database. The e-contract system allows you to register your company and view its important data such as name, email, authorized persons & PRO. You can also create new contracts for your employees once you have entered the contract basic data, for example.

B: Qatari visa/id number, employee`s country, employee`s address, start date of work, contract duration and probation period, base salary and allowances. A foreign worker who has a new contract to work in Qatar can even return the next day, provided they have obtained the other requirements, such as visas. If Kadam has not terminated her contract, will she have to pay the recruitment fees that the employer spent on her? (Note: do not sign the new contract, if you sign, your contract duration will be changed) It is not necessary for companies to conclude new contracts with their employees after the implementation of the new law, but existing contracts are valid as long as the worker is ready to continue his work. . . .

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