Certificate Of Origin United States Chile Free Trade Agreement

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For products that are not fully purchased, you must follow the product`s original rule, usually due to a tariff lag or regional value content. Learn more about how to read and enforce FREI trade agreements. The rules of origin are contained in the final text of the free trade agreement. A specific rule of origin can sometimes be revised. You`ll find the latest version of ROC in the U.S. Harmonized Tariff Plan, General Notes — General Note 26. A written declaration of origin can take many forms, including a company header statement, a commercial invoice statement or an official certificate of origin. Although no formal form is required to declare origin under the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement, Chilean National Customs has released a list of the necessary data items. Once an exporter/producer issues a certificate of origin (whether it is an importer or a Chilean right), one of the parties to a transaction may be warned that the basis for the right to inaccurate information has been established or that the certificate of origin contains some kind of error.

Where the certificate has been issued by an exporter or manufacturer, it is the responsibility of the exporter or manufacturer of the certificate to inform without delay in writing any person to whom it has been issued of any modification that would impair the accuracy or validity of the certificate. While unpaid duties must be paid to the customs authority when something is no longer considered originating, the customs authority cannot impose sanctions on the issuer of the certificate of origin when such action is taken. As a general rule, a certificate of origin can take many forms. For example, a statement on the company`s letterhead, a commercial invoice statement or an official certificate of origin. Although no formal form is required to prove the origin of the U.S.-Chile free trade agreement, Chilean Customs has released a list of the necessary data elements. These data elements and a model certificate of origin are available on the link below. Shipments worth less than USD 2,500 do not require a certificate of origin or other support information regarding a preferential application, unless the customs authority suspects that a request is fraudulent (see Article 4.13 of the agreement). The pen (exporter, manufacturer or importer) of the certificate should contain the following information: the free trade agreement between the United States and Chile (FTA) came into force in 2004 and all qualified products will be duty-free from 1 January 2015. To be treated duty-free under free trade agreements, products must comply with applicable rules of origin.

The ESTV also provides favorable access to U.S. service providers. It guarantees the protection of U.S. investors and copyrights, trademarks and patents registered in Chile. In addition, Chile has opened important public procurement contracts for U.S. bidders. This certificate should be shipped at the same time as the goods shipped to customs. The Chilean importer is required to apply for preferential treatment for a particular transfer at the time of customs clearance.

(Under the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement, the ultimate responsibility for the validity of the right rests with the importer and not with the exporter as presented under NAFTA. To qualify for the preferential duty rate, the importer must provide a written declaration to Chilean customs, which may or may not take the form of a certificate of origin. The company issuing the original written return is required to keep a copy of the return for a period of five years from the date the goods are imported. In addition, the company must keep a copy of all supporting documents used to prove the origin of the goods in accordance with the rules of origin of the free trade agreement between the United States and Chile. In some cases, an exporter may find that several batches of identical goods are shipped to the same Chilean importer.

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