Caravan Park Site Agreements

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For more information on prefabricated house contracts, please contact the Department of Housing and Public Works at 13 QGOV (13 74 68). The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 applies to rentals of caravans, caravans, houseboats and ready-to-rent houses. Owner-occupied prefabricated homes are covered by the Residential Homes Act 2003 administered by the Department of Housing and Public Works. Website owners cannot collect a fee for accepting an assignment of a website contract. Note: We recommend that potential buyers confirm that the seller has the permission of the land owner to award the location contract prior to the purchase of the apartment. Tenants may, in certain circumstances, for example.B. in case of emergency, to carry out necessary or desirable work or for health and safety reasons, to move within the caravan park. The new site must be reasonably comparable to the old site. The owner/manager must provide a written notification of at least one month for the move stating the reasons why the move is necessary and identify the new site. It is important that you understand and agree how long your caravan can stay in the field. Will an annual license be long enough? A short-term licence gives little security to the caravan owner and, when it needs to be extended, the park owner may offer to renew it under less favourable conditions. If the park owner wants you to replace your caravan with a newer model, when will this happen? You should request and keep a note on: If the site owner refuses the transfer permission and the site manager deems it inappropriate, he can ask the VCAT for a decision.

Subject of this article This article is aimed at owners of static caravans in holiday parks and those who plan to become owners. It is intended to help you determine if the terms of your agreement with the park owner are fair. It does not apply to other types of caravan contracts, for example. B for parking buildings that are available year-round. (You can`t use a caravan in a holiday park as your main or sole home.) You cannot terminate a housing rental agreement if you have purchased the apartment from a current or former resident (unless that occupant is an agent for or in relation to the landlord). If a tenant decides to sell his apartment and leave the park, he can choose: the agreement The terms of your agreement should be easy to understand. You may also be asked to comply with other terms and conditions. Take the time to carefully read the caravan sales agreement, parking license, parking rules and rules, and all other agreements, such as.B. a credit agreement.

Ask for time to read all this and don`t rush to make a decision. If you don`t understand what the terms mean, ask. .

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