Agreement Code Norwegian Airlines

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The agreement is mandatory and applies to complaints from staff /Cervice while travelling. If your ticket is «made by Air France», it is a codeshare ticket and you may be entitled to a refund. The State Personnel Manual sets out the rules on service fees. Paragraph 9.2. A special agreement to cover travel and meal expenses contains travel arrangements for staff. The agreement with Norwegian is binding and should be used whenever possible, but travel time can be considered in relation to what is cheapest. The agreement applies to certain sections. Contract prices include service fees, seat reservations, 2 hours baggage and credit card fees. Fasttrack is also included on all itineraries and booking categories, as well as Wi-Fi on all flights. You can travel to the EU with your favorite airline (to the US for example: Delta, AA, UA, US Airways).

You book your ticket with this airline, but you need to make sure it`s a codeshare flight operated by one of the EU partners.

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